Torah Nugget Yitro (Jethro)REMAINDER”

And he, Yitro heard, ve-yi shama, in Hebrew. Yitro, better known as Jethro, heard what Father did for Moshe and Israel! Note, somebody has been talking about what Father had done and the word got all the way to Yitro. This week’s portion has a heavy emphasis on communication, especially hearing the voice of are Creator.

Are YOU Afraid to hear His Voice?

Father spoke to Israel from shamayim (heaven), and Israel themselves were witness to it. But what they experienced was the thunder, lightning, sound of the shofar, and the mountain smoking. The text is pointing to the notion that maybe Israel couldn’t perceive that Father was indeed speaking to them. They were too afraid of the sounds of thunder and the shofar. The thundering and shofar sounding indicating that His voice was like the two of those blasting at once.

Are we listening to Father’s Voice?

Do we hear Him speak? Even during the blast of a shofar blasting or the thundering of a storm?

 Israel put their fear off on Moses instead of focusing in and listening to Father for themselves. How many people do you know today, who are afraid to hear His voice for themselves and rely on someone else to get their message from? Their pastor, preacher, rabbi etc. How many do so because of a lack of trust? A lack of trust in themselves or a lack of trust in Our Creator? How about you?

Are YOU Afraid to hear His Voice?

Torah Nugget: Yitro