Prayer Request

Need prayer?

With so much going on in the world today, we all need prayer.

Do you have so much on your personal plate that it's hard to tune in to the "real" or Fake news propaganda on all the media streams? I know we all could use a blessing in our personal day to day lives.

 Many of us pray at different times and in different ways but can you have too much prayer?


Are you praying effectively?


Do your prayers make a difference?


Is Our Father hearing your prayers?


All these questions can lead to an endless number of others and some deep soul searching. At Kingdom Khai we have asked some of these very same questions and have very similar concerns for our personal lives, as well as the state of the world and ultimately the Kingdom.

So, we would like to extend another cultivating tool for Kingdom Life to everyone.

Prayer Request!!!

Prayer Request!

Please, understand that there's Power in Prayer and Strength in Numbers!

As we grow as "The Kingdom" the devices of division Will fail and the joy of Unity Will be felt! Our Prayers Will be answered, according to His Will. 

Do YOU Need Prayer?

Please do not hesitate to send us your prayer request! We realize that many of us are in various places in our walk, but we do not hold anything against anyone. If you are His and are in covenant with Him, then we are in parity together, and should aid in unifying Our Father's House and not dividing it. 

Make Your prayers, Kingdom Prayers.

Submit your prayer request great or small and we will lift them up to a King where there is nothing too great or too small for Him to accomplish!

Send your prayer request to,

#Attention: Prayer Request


Also, if you have questions on prayer feel free to submit those as well.

Once those prayers are answered, please share them with us and with your permission we'd love to share them on our Answered Prayers & Testimonies Page.


Shalom & Berakah!

Kingdom Khai