Rising Above: A Kingdom Minded Family Perspective

Navigating family and Faith


Navigating the intricate intersection of family and faith, I've discovered the profound impact of adopting a "kingdom minded" perspective. This transformative mindset reshapes our self-perception, positioning us as not just individuals, but as heirs to a royal lineage responsible for instilling exceptional values and integrity.

This mind set all begins with living by faith. As I weave the threads of family and faith into this regal framework, I realize that this approach transcends traditional definitions, urging us to recognize the innate nobility within each family member and empowering us to shape a future generation grounded in belief, wisdom, sound family values, love, and compassion.

The Kingdom Minded View Point

This kingdom-minded viewpoint is a deliberate act of self-empowerment that extends beyond the conventional. It challenges us to rise above the ordinary and embrace a narrative of nobility. Faith becomes the guiding force, urging us to uphold values like integrity, kindness, and empathy.

This intentional approach isn't just a guiding light for our family's path; it's a beacon that illuminates the broader community. By modeling these exceptional values, we become catalysts for positive change, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation. The impact of a kingdom-minded family extends far beyond the walls of our homes, creating a ripple effect that elevates collective consciousness and encourages others to join in this pursuit of a higher, nobler existence.


So where does one begin in the pursuit of transforming their mind towards a Kingdom Mind-set? Well I am glad you asked, click here to learn some ways we have found to cultivate a kingdom mind-set!