Why use Essential Oils?
Our Story: Our Testimony!!!

As you live life, you are often challenged with things that truly “test our trust and belief” AKA our faith, in the Most High Creator. When these challenges hit, you have decisions to make.  How to react, how to combat and how to keep pushing?  Our essential oils “why”, was a life altering experience which has blossomed into an amazing testimony to the power and magnificence of our Heavenly Father.

It all began around 2011, when our son was in day care and we started to notice that he was not hitting his milestones in his toddler stages.  We just attributed it to, well you know all children develop differently and all that. We said, he will be fine. Then as we continued with daycare, we began to receive reports of his behavior and him not being able to transition, and we noticed his eye contact changed and he developed sensory challenges, he could not really speak and his motor skills were not developing as they should have been, among other things.

We were then approached by the daycare facility’s administrator who had that “tough conversation” with me, stating, “Well I am noticing some symptoms in your son”, and it looks like the “A” word, I still do not speak the word, but you can google it. I was devastated, broken, and wounded. How could someone suggest that my child had a “problem”?

Prayer & Research...

So, the journey began, we prayed, and prayed and researched and enlisted a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, developmental pediatrician, behavioral health specialist, IEP (Individual Education Plan) at a special school, among other things.  Our research was pointing to the fact that the vaccinations that he had received were the contributing factor to this change in his behavior and development. With that in mind we had to get educated in order to fight this fight.

We changed daycare providers several times and I would sit in my car and cry before going in to pick up my baby, because every day there was a report of something just outrageous that he had done, for example, taking off all his clothes and standing in a corner not interacting with the other children. Then one of the providers even approached me in front of the class full of children and questioned me as to “have you considered that your son may have an issue?” This devastated me, not only because of how I was approached but also the fact that this was done in front of all his peers. Needless to say, we transitioned from that provider.

So, as we continued our search and began attending all our appointments, we also came across a post on Facebook, which included a testimony of how essential oils had changed the life of children suffering from the same symptoms as our son. So, after research and reaching out to the wellness advocate, we enlisted essential oils as another one of our weapons to conquer what seemed impossible.

The World of Essential Oils

As we delved into the world of essential oils and learned how to use them to detox and to balance and to cleanse, we added this to our regimen and as our prayers were answered our son was being healed. He began to talk and communicate, his eye contact improved, he was able to transition and his sensitivity to what seemed like everything began to improve.

The evidence is overwhelming, part of our testimony occurred when we went to a developmental pediatrician and our son was given several tests to see what he could do. Based on their evaluations, he did not do well, and the doctor stated, “well this year is when some major milestones would be achieved,  so let’s see if he is able to hit them and then next time we will have to have that talk about medicine”. Me being me said, “No we won’t, he will be better next time and he will hit his milestones.” I was proclaiming victory and trusting that the Most High would lead us as to what to do.

So, as we applied our regimens and we were consistent, we fought for our son and his development. Implementing changes in diet, oil usage and supplements. About nine months later we went back to the developmental pediatrician and she did her evaluations and stated, “well unless you feel a reason to, I do not see why he would need to come back to see me.”  HalleluYAH…our son had progressed so much that she did not feel he needed to come back to see her. A TRUE testament to the power in prayer, healing and how the Most High will lead you to the things that He has created to aid in balancing and healing our bodies.

Essential oils were an essential component to the healing that took place for our son and they continue to be a blessing for our lives, every day!!

Through our personal research and studies, we’ve found that the benefits of essentials oils can be amazing! Here’s a Biblical treasure from our page entitled “Oils are Essential: Essential Oils in Hebraic Light”, that testifies to these incredible oils!

Kingdom Jewel: Oils Are Essential!

An essential oil is the essence of a plant, it’s lifeblood. The oil is the liquid substance of a plant and is even present in the seedling. By tracing the etymology of the word essential we arrive at the relationship between essential and essence, which is defined as “the basic element of anything" the "ingredient which gives something its particular character". ~ http://www.etymonline.com

In an article about oil in the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible it states the following;

Because oil was essential for everyday life, it was an effective and acceptable medium of barter. ~Baker encyclopedia of the Bible

Hebrew, the original language that the Word of our Creator was written in, is an alpha-numerical language. Meaning each letter has a numerical value. In many schools of Hebraic thought two words that share the same numerical value, also share in their conceptual meaning or overall concept. Naturally, two Hebrew words with the same letters would have the same value. Example, 2+3=5 and 3+2=5.

Back to our point, in Hebrew the word for oil is shemen nmc. Shemen is spelled with the Hebrew letters shin c, mem m, nun n, from right to left. Amazingly, if you move the nun n to the front of the word, changing the spelling to nun n, shin c, meme m, you get the Hebrew word for breath, neshem mcn. Both have a numerical value of 390.

Neshem is defined as, “the breath of man or God (Elohim). The breath is more than the exchange of air but the character of the individual”. Neshem is the root source of the Hebrew word neshemah which can also be pronounced nishma and is defined as, “Air inhaled or exhaled. The breath of man or God (Elohim). The essence of life”. ~Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible

Astounding!!! By going back to the original language of the Bible, we’ve uncovered the fact that oil, shemen in Hebrew, is connected to the very air that we breathe. Oils Are Essential! They’re the essence of life to a plant just like breathing is to us. WOW!!!   


Why Use Essential Oils?

From our personal journey, to the depths of their original definition in the Bible, oils were not just meant to be used, they were created as an essential part of life. But the choice is yours.

 Build YOUR OWN Testimony. Try Essential Oils.

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