Processing the Death of A Loved One

With all the effects from the current injustices as well as the pandemic that has swept across the world, The Kingdom has indeed suffered many losses. These can come at us personally, in a variety of ways, from numerous angles. My brother-in-law recently lost one of his best friends via suicide. The young man was fed up with the current state of world, and his life.

 My brother-in-law was having a tough time. Having lost two close family members, myself in the past year I looked to the scriptures to help me through the process. Long story short, I sent my brother-in-law my study notes on what I call the Hebraic process of grieving which included Deuteronomy 34:7-10 “The Death of Moses” and Joshua 1:7 which is Joshua being encouraged to move forward after the death of Moses. May this brief article of my study results be a blessing to all who need it.

5 Hebraic Steps to Processing the Death of a Loved One

1) Recognizing It: Death shows us that something is/was out of order. A natural death may simply mean that things need to be adjusted to continue to flow smoothly even though the person that passed is no longer there to help. Evaluate if things are in order in your life.


2) Don't Fight the Feeling: Wailing, an intense burst of emotion, erupting in tears is a part of the process. Don't hold it in when it comes over you. This is a physical moment when you have to deal with the energy, shock your body goes through realizing that your Loved one is gone.


3) Sorrow: Next, after the physical energy has been expelled, it is normal to experience sorrow. This is a deep sadness that may come with silent uncontrollable tears. Your heart may truly hurt during this time. Be sure to guard against depression!!! This is a stage in the process not the state you want to stay in!!!


4) Processing Begins! At this point, you should start to regain your emotions, and focus on remembering, and honoring your Loved one so order in your life can return.


5)Take the Time: There is no timetable for things to return to normal. We all process differently and at our on rate. Take the time you need. Go to a quiet, peaceful place, meditate, enjoy the fund memories you have of them. Learn to move forward, they would want you to.

Scriptures Referenced:

Deuteronomy 34:7-10 The Death of Moses

Joshua 1:7 Be Encouraged and Move Forward