Torah Nugget Mishpatim (Judgments/Decisions)

"Esh okelet", a raging or consuming fire in Hebrew. This was how the people who were down at the bottom of the mountain yet close enough to hear Father’s voice, saw His honor. They saw an all-consuming fire at the top of a mountain. Like last week, we believe if you asked people to tell you what their vision of our Creator is, they would not say a blazing fire.

How would we describe the enemy???

If you asked someone to describe the enemy, they would probably say he’s something straight out of h-e, you know the rest. But isn’t h-e you know the rest, a big pit of raging fire? Something is very wrong with our imagery. Through our Torah study, we see that Father’s image is what we would demonize with our first thought.

Which view is correct? Why is our image of fire associated with our adversary and not our Creator?

Even more important than that, why don’t we know our Creator in the way Moses did? You see Moses went into the dark cloud on top of the flaming mountain.

How about us? Are we ready to go into the cloud into the blazing fire?

Are we ready to wipe away the false ideas we’ve been taught about who Our Father is?

Are we ready to learn Him on a whole New Level?

Torah Nugget: Mishpatim