Our Vision

Kingdom Khai’s vision is to empower everyone to live a Kingdom Life in today’s world.


Kingdom Khai’s mission is to provide everyone with world class resources to empower them to live a Kingdom Life in today’s world.

To achieve our mission, we begin with essential information founded on sound biblical principles and modern-day practical application. We emphasize elevation through education. We expand from learning and encourage doing, through cultivating valuable tools & services for the job. From universal, everyday home and office materials, to unique Hebraic cultural amenities, we create “world class kingdom resources”.

With product sales in the US, UK, France and Africa, we strive to globally reach the four corners of the earth to do our part in uplifting the Kingdom.

What is Kingdom Khai?

What is Kingdom Khai? In order to answer this question, we have to break the name down to provide you full understanding. Let’s start with the word “Kingdom”, capital “K”. Capital “K” because we’re not talking about any old kingdom. We’re talking about the “the Kingdom of God” also referred to as “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

In the first century, Jesus/Yeshua/Yehoshua/Yahusha prayed “thy Kingdom come” Matthew 6:10 & Luke 11:2, in his example of how we should pray. This is huge because it alludes to what he preached and taught about, “the Kingdom”. The same Kingdom he taught about is the Kingdom we all strive to be a part of in eternity. Likewise, it is the same Kingdom that was established at Mt. Sinai and rose to be one of the wonders of the world during King Solomon’s day. It’s also the same “Kingdom” in “Kingdom Khai”!

What is Khai?

Now we’ll move on to the word “Khai”. Khai is the English transliteration of the Hebrew word spelled "Chet Yod"
khai, which is also spelled in English “chai or hhai”. It is the Hebrew word for life.

So, at the first level of understanding;

“Kingdom Khai” = “Kingdom Life”

Now that we’ve defined what Kingdom Khai means, we must focus on our why. Why is there a need for “Kingdom Khai?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Many of us today may feel that we are living a “Kingdom Life” and we certainly aren’t judging if you are or are not. However, those of us that proclaim we are, should ask ourselves a very tough question… By who’s standards?

Kingdom Khai (Kingdom Life) or Religious Life?

Let’s take the two religions of Christianity and Judaism, for example. Both are based off of the same Kingdom, yet both are distinctly different. Not to mention each have many differing denominations and or sects within them. Growing up as a Christian, if you would have asked me if I was living a “Christian life”, I would have hesitantly said yes, LOL! Likewise, if you were to ask one of our Jewish brethren if they live a “Jewish life”, you’d probably get a similar response. But which one is living “The Kingdom life”?

By modern definition alone, neither religion can be classified as a kingdom, let alone “The Kingdom”. They are both religions birthed from The Kingdom, but not exclusively "The Kingdom" itself. This leads us to our "why". We are unequipped to live an authentic Kingdom lifestyle in today’s world. In order for us to change that, we have to arm ourselves with the properly cultivated tools to get ‘er done!

One of the major deficiencies we face is the lack of knowledge and understanding. Many teach, preach and study the bible, however, have little to no grasp of the difference between the Kingdom they proclaim and the religion they follow. How about an example?

Kingdom NOT Religion!!!

A concrete physical difference between a Kingdom and a Religion can be seen in a neighborhood setting. In a typical neighborhood today, you may live across the street or around the corner from someone, regardless of race or ethnicity, that may not believe like you. However, because of the neighborhood you live in, you’re both classified together. For instance, you're both Californians in California and Americans in America.

 In the scriptures, the Kingdom/Nation/People who lived within the same "neighborhood" had to believe what everyone else believed. They served the same King. Your neighbor could and most times would be your family or tribesman.  A Philistine could not live in an Israelite neighborhood, like a Christian, Jew, Muslim and Atheist could live in each other's neighborhood, in today's society.

Is it hard to live a Kingdom (Life) today?

Is it hard to live a Kingdom life today? How do we do it? Believe me, these questions have had us scratching our heads for some time now. The overwhelming response has been yes it is, because we are unequipped!

 In order to truly live The Kingdom Life, we must acknowledge that we may be void of the things necessary to accomplish our goal. If we’re establishing our actual lives on the text of a book, we need to arm ourselves with the authentic, organic, uncut raw, truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom of that book! It needs to be pure and in the context of those who received it firsthand and NOT our modern world, with our modern thought. Here’s an amazing quote from Professor John Walton that speaks directly to our point.

“That Bible is written for us (i.e., we are supposed to benefit from its divine message and expect that it will help us to confront the currents in our cultural river by transforming us), but it is not written to us (not in our language or in the context of our culture). The message transcends culture, but it is given in a form that is fully immersed in the ancient cultural river of Israel. This means that if we are to interpret Scripture so as to receive the full impact of God’s authoritative message, we have to set our cultural river aside and try to understand the cultural river of the ancient people to whom the text was addressed. The Bible was written to the people of ancient Israel in the language of ancient Israel; therefore, its message operates according to the logic of ancient Israel.” Walton, J. H., & Walton, J. H. (2019). The Lost World of the Torah: Law as Covenant and Wisdom in Ancient Context (pp. 13–14).

We train, prepare and equip ourselves to do various things in our lives, why not equip, train and prepare ourselves to live our lives? We want to live our best lives, the lives that will fulfill us on this earth and continue forever. We want to live The Kingdom Life!

Kingdom Khai is about life...

Kingdom Khai is about cultivating life! From the miracle of childbirth to the tragedy of death, we strive to be a resource to help you along the way. With "Transformative, Thought Provoking, High Quality Content”, relevant for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, but geared towards those who want to live The Kingdom Life! Education, Finances, Health, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships, if it happens in life, we need to talk about it! Our perspective, however, is through the initial lens that Our Creator intended, His Kingdom.

From a student’s stance, we explore common everyday topics with the focus on empowering “YOU”, to become the best “YOU”, you can be. The Kingdom Advantage is, adding in the aspect of scripture through sound studies based on the authenticity and actuality of the biblical narrative. We strip off our contemporary way of thinking and dive into the mindset of the ancient world, the people and their culture. Who was the Kingdom of Ancient Israel, really? What was their relationship with their God? Did they even call Him God? What was their language and how can all this help us try to accurately make application today?   

Making the choice to walk down this road can be seemingly lonely and burdensome. There’s a lifetime of understanding that one day may show up on your doorstep unannounced and ready to move in! How do you cope, let alone live? Support. Father has opened the door to allow us, people just like You, going through or having experienced the same things, yet striving to live through it.  Kingdom Khai is about cultivating truth, knowledge, wisdom, mind, body, soul, health, relationship, finances, balance and more…

Whatever we need to live and not die! We choose life. Deuteronomy 30:19

Cultivate Life