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So, How do We acquire cultivating tools to live a scriptural life in today's world?

Well, we all know acquiring cultivating tools is no easy task. How many of us are determined to live healthy lifestyles, rich in culture and based on the very Word of our Creator? From homeschooling to essential oils, where do we begin to accumulate tools for cultivating the growing process? Though we are thousands of years removed from the Hebrews of the Bible, it’s them who wrote the original text we look to for our salvation. What they wrote was part of their lives. So, how do we nurture an authentic Hebraic life? What are the cultivating tools essential to accomplish this task? Living a scripturally suitable life founded on the Torah (Instructional words of our Heavenly Father), is more than a challenge in our day.

Today’s society is a mess, and in rapid decay. New technologies feed self-indulgence. I-Pad, I-Phone, A.I., outsourcing our intelligence, leaving us vegged out and ordering groceries in. Two parent homes are nearing extinction, marriage is low, divorce is high, but gender switch is hot and hip.

No wonder education is skewed, built on agendas to cover up history. Healthcare, politics and religion, they’re all a shame. Making billions, off your “skin in the game”. But you. You are very different. You are persistent. You are looking to rise above the state of chaos and overcome the norm. Like us, you seek the Kingdom, and a world transformed.

But how do we foster a Kingdom life today?

Tools for Cultivation!

We learn. We grow. We mature.

From seed to harvest the blueprint is replete throughout the biblical text. In Genesis 1:11-13 we see the first instances of life as we know it, with the growing of grass and seed. Before man is mentioned we see agriculture outlining the process of life through growth. This teaches us that biblically, from seed or infancy, Kingdom life is something that develops over time and is linked to nature.

Does anyone garden? Not to mention farming, but these concepts fill the good book for a reason. Like a seed planted in rich soil, we too need to be nurtured to maturity. Having the right tools for cultivating are a necessity for every farmer, gardener, or novice with a green thumb. This applies 100% to our growth as well. We need the cultivating tools to live an authentic Hebraic life!

Well, What’s an example of one of the cultivating tools we need?

One of the key instruments for promoting optimal growing conditions, is knowledge. The fact that there is a lack of knowledge as it relates to our goal, is a major red flag. In Hosea 4:6, our Father says that His “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” …because they have rejected it!  

If we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, then shouldn’t we strive to thrive through acquiring it?

There’s no shortage of the elements necessary as we aim towards the goal of living an authentic biblical life. Now, by no means are we saying we have it all figured out, because we don’t. However, I often say that there’s no substitution for experience and us at Kingdom Khai, have experience. This should serve to be one of those cultivating tools. With our diverse background in many arenas including; food & nutrition, gardening, essential oils, homeschooling, accounting, marriage, parenting, hundreds of biblical studies and over eight years of self-education, exploring and walking out the genuine truth of the Word. For starters, Phew!

You, yes You, and many others are seeking out the Father’s Word on how to improve your life. A common roadblock is finding out that there’s more to the scriptures then what we’ve previously been taught. So, if we want to truly live an accurate biblical life, we need the right cultivating tools for the job. Language, culture and context has everything to do with properly understanding the text we’re trying to live by.

Here’s some questions You might have;

So, what is the Torah and who does it apply to? Are the dietary laws the same as eating clean? Why does the Hebrew language matter? Who are the original Hebrews of the bible? What is a Shabbat anyway? Whose Kingdom is it? We’re the temple now, why are they trying to rebuild it? Who or what is Khai? What’s the women’s role in the bible?

We are dedicated to exploring these questions and many more.

If you’re ready for the challenge,
the Choice is Yours.
Kingdom Khai, Choose Life!

 Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

Education, health, culture and more! Welcome to a fun, encouraging resource for those awakening to their Kingdom heritage. All founded on the study of authentic scriptural understanding.

How do We live a scriptural lifestyle in today’s world?

Let’s Discover together! Start HERE.

Kingdom Khai

Cultivating Tools For An Authentic Hebraic Life